2019 EPA Online Course

The second EPA online course on an “Introduction to Motivational Interviewing”, or MI, aims to give professionals techniques and ideas that can be used straight away in the workplace.

What is the new course about?
This course is called “Introduction to Motivational Interviewing” or “MI”. Through the videos, learners will be able to understand MI from the ground up: the spirit of MI, the crucial relational foundation, the key techniques and how to use the techniques to steer consultations in the direction of positive change.

Who is the course instructor?
The instructor for this course is Dr. Guy Undrill, a psychiatrist and MI instructor working for 2gether NHS Trust, in Gloucestershire, UK. Backed by his 15-year experience as an MI instructor for psychiatrists and other professionals, Dr. Undrill and his three trainees will be accompanying you throughout the lessons.

What is in the course?
The course is composed of mini-lectures, discussions, role plays and interviews with experts in the field. You will also have access to a list of recommended readings to enrich your knowledge and weekly quizzes. You will also be able to engage with fellow learners in interactive forum discussions.

How long is the course?
The course is composed of 4 Chapters divided into several lessons. Each lesson is meant to give you more information on a specific topic or technique and will help you master the knowledge and skills of the related chapter.

Will there be exercises and assessments?
Yes, we will have weekly quizzes in place plus a final quiz to unlock your Certificate of Completion.

Who can follow this course?
The course is designed for psychiatrists and all interested mental health professionals and has been created to allow professionals to train whenever and wherever they want on key mental health topics. All you need to start is an internet connection.

For more information visit https://www.europsy.net/e-learning/2019-epa-online-course/ 

WFOT Thelma Cardwell Foundation Award for Research

The WFOT Thelma Cardwell Foundation Award for Research invites applications in support of original ideas that have not received funds from other national or international organisations. Early career investigators and research graduate students are welcome to apply. Investigators must submit their application under one or more of the research priorities. The Award may be used for human resources support, equipment, supplies, participant compensation or technical assistance for an approved project. Projects should be within a two-year maximum timeline. 

For more information: https://www.wfot.org/resources/wfot-thelma-cardwell-foundation-award-for-research?fbclid=IwAR3aerTnDK8VJMtYNksGe388UVHmAlO495L1Tz4p0a6JCqVjHrEm_nZR1Po

BJOT Call for Papers: Special Issue — Cancer rehabilitation

Submissions may address any relevant area but might include such topics as:

  • cancer rehabilitation and prehabilitation interventions that reduce disability of cancer survivors across the lifespan;
  • descriptive studies of participation restrictions and functional well-being after cancer diagnosis;
  • employment concerns and employment outcomes of young adult and adult cancer survivors;
  • palliative rehabilitation interventions and outcomes;
  • telehealth-based approaches to cancer rehabilitation; and
  • evidence-based practice and implementation science in cancer rehabilitation programs.

Deadline for submissions: 31 January 2020

Guest Editor: Kathleen D. Lyons

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