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News from France, 2018


At the end of 2017, our association hired a new employee. Nicolas Briard is OT for 15 years. His fields of

expertise are pediatric and new assistive technologies. Currently, Nicolas is a PhD student in cognitive

psychology. He works in our association as technical director. Nicolas is responsible for implementing the

association’s strategies, promoting occupational therapy and defending the rights of occupational

therapists, in accordance with the strategic plan of our association and the commitments made by the

executive committee.

His main activities are, for instance:

– Analysis places of occupational therapy at the local, national and international level

– Analysis, implementation and development of new strategic partnerships;

– The representation of occupational therapy and the association with national and local authorities and


– Professional monitoring linked to the plurality of occupational therapists practising in France and


– Examination of files related to occupational therapy conducted by the association.

Last month a French delegation was present at the WFOT Congress in Cape Town. In addition to their

presentations (oral communication or posters), they were able to promote the next WFOT Congress

organized in Paris on March 28-31, 2022. The theme will be “Occupational R-evolution”. Further

information will come gradually but you can already save the date.

In April 2019, our association will organize “Les assises de l’ergothérapie”, in Paris. This event

communicates research advances to support and promote occupational therapy.

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