Occupational Science Europe Conference

International trends are playing out in the European context in unique and dynamic ways.

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Brexit, increased migration, rising nationalistic values, polarization, health system reforms and individualistic governance trends are all influencing how Europe positions itself  on the global arena.

Health inequalities continue to exist within European countries,  as  well as stark employment,  income  and health inequalities are seen between  Western,  Central,  and  Eastern European countries.

Parallel to these  transitions is the voice of the European citizens.  The citizen response has displayed an increase in bottom-up initiatives, displaying solidarity and  action in these dynamic times.    These transitions all influence dramatically the occupational lives and health of communities,  groups  and individuals within the European context.

This conference will explore the impact these global transitions have on the occupational lives and health of individuals,  groups and communities in  Europe  and will pose the question:  What can  occupational science contribute to this transitioning context and the challenges and possibilities it presents?


  • Individual  in  transition:    the  individual  as  an  occupational  being  within the European  context
  • Communities  in  transition:  citizens  and  communities impacted by  and  responding  to  transitions  seen  in  Europe  today
  • Occupational  Science in transition:  what  is the methodological and theoretical response required by Occupational Science in the dynamic European context of today?

For more information visit the following website, or visit here for more information about the Call for Abstracts

EPF Congress 2019 – Harnessing meaningful patient involvement

The European Patients’ Forum has been representing patients’ voices in a united and influential way over the past 15 years to drive better health in Europe. This event will provide an exceptional opportunity for dialogue, engagement with a wide range of health players who aspire to make patient involvement a reality. Together, we will explore why this will lead to better outcomes for patients and society, and how we can achieve this in practice across the European Union.

Join us for three days of learning, exploring, testing ideas and co-creating solutions. This Congress is dedicated to exchanging ideas and good practice in patient empowerment and involvement, moving forward on the much-needed policy commitments in this area, gaining a greater and genuine understanding of the wealth of experiential knowledge and expertise that patients bring to health systems’ design and strengthening, and much more.

The congress will take place between the 12th and the 14th November 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

For more information visit the Congress’ website here

ICIC 19 – Extension of Early Bird Offer

The Early Bird offer for the 19th International Conference on Integrated Care has been extended until the 31st December. With the overarching theme ‘Evaluating and implement models of integrated people-centred services’, the conference is a partnership of OSAKIDETZA – Basque Health Service, Bioef, Ministry for Health of the Basque Government the City Council of Donostia-San Sebastian and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. The conference will bring together researchers, clinicians and managers from around the world who are engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care.

For more information visit the conference’s website.

German Congress for Occupational Therapy 2019 : Call for Papers

The Deutscher Verband der Ergotherapeuten (DVE) invites you to hand in your abstract for the 64th German OT congress 2019. It will take place on 23, 24 and 25 Mai in Osnabrueck under the Theme “Modern Times”.

To hand in your abstract for the presentation of a study (10min), a talk about a certain topic (25min) or a workshop (90min/180min) click on the following link:



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