Spain National OT News

News from Spain, 2018

In May 2017 APETO went through a renewal of Standing orders of the NATIONAL SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF OT, with the inclusion of new rules that will allow this association to become a scientific organization, as well as becoming part of the CONFEDERATION OF SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES OF SPAIN (COSCE), and has now obtained adherence as a full member to the Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain (COSCE).

-APETO at the end of last year celebrated his 50th Anniversary:“50 years creating opportunities from function and emotion” and the XVI State Conference (theme on Mental Health) first time integrating professionals and patients/clients. Furthermore to this celebration, the VIII edition of the SENDA Awards (publishing sector editorial made up of professionals from the social healthcare sector and representatives of organizations of older people), vote on the best projects, initiatives and professionals that contribute to promote social health and dependency field, and the jury granted a Special Prize to the group of occupational therapists (APETO) for their 50 years of profession.

-APETO has published his No 62 edition of National Journal with the title: You think it — you create it.

-APETO is undertaking his Second Edition of the MASTER’S DEGREE IN MANAGEMENT of HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES in collaboration with La Salle University, graduating professional to become qualify and capable in his/her carriers as managers and directors.

– In Spain the political administrative area The Commission on Children’s Rights and Adolescents of Congress at the end of last year has approved a proposal for a Law to include Early Care within the portfolio of common services of the National Health System and the extension thereof in accordance with the National Plan for the Prevention of Deficiencies, to harmonize Early Childhood Care in all the regional areas. In addition, all those measures that within the scope of the portfolio of common services of the National Health System are necessary to provide comprehensive care to children with developmental disorders or at risk of suffering them be promoted, and this measures will include the role and employment of Occupational therapist

-APETO will celebrate in Madrid on the 16th and 17th of November of this year we will celebrate the II Iberian Congress of OT joint congress with APTO (National Association of occupational therapist of Portugal). APETO and APTO, congratulate again on being able to generate a joint synergy between Spain and Portugal therapist in order to be able to offer a meeting point to be able to think about the praxis that both countries carry out.

-March 2018, Cáceres, will take place the XVIII National Congress of Students Occupational Therapy (CENTO) with the aim of “creating a network of knowledge and dissemination of research among professionals and university students”.