29th Alzheimer Europe Conference: 2 weeks left to submit your abstracts

Alzheimer Europe, Alzheimer Nederland are calling for abstracts for the upcoming 29th Alzheimer Europe Conference in The Hague, Netherlands.

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations in English are welcome in the following categories:

  • Societal perspectives: Awareness and policy campaigns, (Inter)National dementia strategies, Inclusion of people with dementia, Connecting with minority groups, Early onset dementia, Legal and ethical issues, New housing concepts, Technology, Socio-economic aspects of dementia, Risk factors and prevention
  • Care and services: Needs and experiences of people with dementia and their family caregivers, Training and education of care professionals, Memory clinics and centres, Post-diagnostic support, Psychosocial interventions, Acute and hospital care, Respite care, Volunteers and care in the community, Home and residential care, Palliative care approaches

The call for abstracts will close on 30 April 2019. Click here for more information.

Occupational Science Europe Conference

International trends are playing out in the European context in unique and dynamic ways.

Save the date OSE 2019

Brexit, increased migration, rising nationalistic values, polarization, health system reforms and individualistic governance trends are all influencing how Europe positions itself  on the global arena.

Health inequalities continue to exist within European countries,  as  well as stark employment,  income  and health inequalities are seen between  Western,  Central,  and  Eastern European countries.

Parallel to these  transitions is the voice of the European citizens.  The citizen response has displayed an increase in bottom-up initiatives, displaying solidarity and  action in these dynamic times.    These transitions all influence dramatically the occupational lives and health of communities,  groups  and individuals within the European context.

This conference will explore the impact these global transitions have on the occupational lives and health of individuals,  groups and communities in  Europe  and will pose the question:  What can  occupational science contribute to this transitioning context and the challenges and possibilities it presents?


  • Individual  in  transition:    the  individual  as  an  occupational  being  within the European  context
  • Communities  in  transition:  citizens  and  communities impacted by  and  responding  to  transitions  seen  in  Europe  today
  • Occupational  Science in transition:  what  is the methodological and theoretical response required by Occupational Science in the dynamic European context of today?

For more information visit the following website, or visit here for more information about the Call for Abstracts