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News from Estonia, 2018

The Estonian Association of Occupational Therapists is an organization that is responsible for the promotion of occupational therapy in Estonia. A new board, consisting of five specialists with different tasks within the organization, was elected last summer and is now actively working to raise awareness about occupational therapy in Estonia.

At the end of 2017 occupational therapy second-year students in Tallinn Health Care College who are also members of Estonian Association of Occupational Therapists started a project called “AbikÄpp” to enable all kind of information related to assistive devices and its legislation to be available and accessible online. Project “AbikÄpp” will be a useful tool for occupational therapists and other specialists, and also for clients and students to easily access all the necessary information according to assistive equipment. Student initiatives are a good way to be part of the change you want to see in the society while learning and working together.

In Spring 2018, Estonian Association of Occupational Therapists and Tallinn Health Care College signed a collaboration agreement to support each other and start new cooperative projects.

Between the 4thand 5th August, our associations’ educative yet also fun summer days took place. The first day was mostly dedicated to lectures and the second day for group activities. Yet, more events are on their way. In October our association will be celebrating World Occupational Therapy day by opening the new occupational therapy simulation apartment in Tallinn Health Care College. In November we will be organising a workshop for parents of children with autism to teach how to easily create self-made therapeutic supplies with low costs. And finally, we will be holding our associations’ Christmas party at the Art Museum of Estonia.

We are constantly developing our associations’ social media accounts on Facebook and Youtube and updating our blog. It helps to promote occupational therapy’s necessity, value and benefit in Estonia

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