12th EFAD Conference

EFAD is preparing the 12th conference in Berlin on 1-2 November with many new interesting topics. Patient centred care is important in developing new standards of dietetic care, not only for the patient, but together with the patient. Ideally all dietitians should work in multidisciplinary teams. Regardless whether you are a clinical dietitian, or working in primary care, foodservice or higher education institutes, working together with other professionals will improve patient outcomes. Innovation and e-health are important topics too.

How can you benefit from these “new’’ developments? How can you influence healthy choices? How can you offer the best quality of care to your patients or clients? By breaking your professional boundries! Take the opportunity to:

  • pro-actively collaborate with other health professionals
  • advocate for better nutritional health in Europe
  • work with patients to truly embed patient-centred care
  • embrace technology in blended care or new types of learning and knowledge exchange
  • be innovative!

EFAD is preparing the 12th EFAD Conference for you and will address all of these issues and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from dietitians and others across Europe who are already “Breaking Professional Boundaries”.

For more information: https://efadconference.com

The International Conference of the ISfTeH, the global digital health network

The 24th International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH) International Conference is taking place this month, on 19-20 March 2019, in Lisbon, Portugal in conjunction with and hosted by the Portugal eHealth Summit 2019. The conferences are an opportunity for digital health stakeholders to interact with each other, and to hear about digital health experiences and good practices from around the world.

The program of the 24th ISfTeH International Conference features presentations on:

  • quality standards for telehealth services
  • guidelines for teleconsultation services
  • physician experiences and attitudes towards telemedicine services
  • telemonitoring for chronic disease management
  • IoT for caregivers
  • eHealth and age-friendly environments
  • economic evaluation of online clinics
  • using design thinking to make eHealth services more patient-centered
  • digital health tools that transform the patient experience
  • artificial intelligence and decision support for health professionals
  • big data and tele-ECG
  • data protection (GDPR) in the eHealth sector
  • regional and international networks in telecardiology, teleaudiology, etc.
  • creating sustainable telemedicine services
  • and much more…. 

Click here to access the full agenda of the ISfTeH International Conference and Portugal eHealth Summit. The Summit also features an exhibition area where both startups and established companies will present their services and solutions.

The PRIMORE Project: Call for Participants

The PRIMORE project (European PRImary care Multi-prOfessional Researcher network) http://www.euprimarycare.org/primore is financially supported by the Norwegian Research Council.

Overall objectives

  • Exchange of research in Europe between the different professional groups and levels of care active in primary care
  • Development of interprofessional research on the organization of primary care with a focus on young researchers from CEE countries
  • Increase of interest and respect for each other’s profession among primary care professionals
  • A growing evidence base for Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC)

All activities do take place in the PIE (Problems, Ideas, Experiences) platform. If you believe that you too can contribute in any of these areas, get in touch with us today so that we can endorse your nomination as an occupational therapist on this platform by sending an email on info@coteceurope.eu.

European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grants

Are you a scientist who wants to consolidate your independence by establishing a research team and continuing to develop a successful career in Europe? The ERC Consolidator Grant could be for you. You can also apply if you have recently created an independent, excellent research team and want to strengthen it.

Visit https://erc.europa.eu/funding/consolidator-grants for more information

Deadline for submission: 7th February 2019

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