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News from Slovenia, 2018

Slovenian Association of Occupational Therapists and University Rehabilitation Institute of Slovenia (URI-Soča) organized 9thcongress of occupational therapists which was held on 25thand 26thOctober 2018 in Ljubljana. This year’s congress topic was: “From theory to practice”.

During the opening ceremony the invited guests from National Insurance Company, Medical Chamber of Slovenia, Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia, Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Service Providers Slovenia, Health Faculty, Slovenian Physiotherapy Association, Institute for Long Term Care, URI-Soča and others spoke about the importance of Occupational Therapy today and in the future in relation to the ageing population we are all a part of.

Dr. Tanja Križaj held first lecture of the congress where she introduced her doctoral dissertation, followed by several other presentations of good transition of theory into practice. Also participated in the congress were our physiotherapy colleagues and occupational therapists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Turkey. We concluded our first evening with dinner, when we also celebrated the World Occupational Therapy day.

Dr. Lea Šuc held first lecture on the second day where she introduced her doctoral dissertation. There were 8 workshops in total, 26 posters and 36 presentations. With 190 participants this year’s congress was the largest ever.

The overall conclusions of this year’s congress were: that occupational therapy is becoming increasingly more recognisable in Slovenia and around the world; that there is an increase of occupational therapists working in community care; that our knowledge is being transferred into new fields; and that theory is being successfully transferred into practice.

News from Slovenia, 2017

ZDTS has organized several different events in 2017 with the aim of promotion and recognition of the Occupational Therapy profession. ZDTS also participated in the inclusion of Occupational Therapists in new legislation within both the health and social care systems. ZDTS has collaborated in setting up broadened professional body at the Ministry of Health, which is crucial for OT profession; we have actively participated in a workgroup that prepared legislation on long-term care; three of our members are actively working with Social Institutions of Slovenia towards achieving unification of documentation, etc. Our members have also started the active collaboration with Team for Palliative Care and furthermore, our members have managed to define the role of OT in the national project setting up new clinical pathways and professional guidelines for treating patients with back pain.

One-hundred-and-ten OTs from all over Slovenia attended our yearly meeting in December. We had a lecture from the Ministry of Health which introduced the aim and the course of professional audits and are carried out by OT auditors. Ministry of Health, individuals or institutions across Slovenia can all request OT audit. Further on there was an introduction of suggestions of new long-term care legislation into which we (ZDTS) have suggested a change in legislation to allow OTs to be recruited to all vacancies (and functions) foreseen in the new legislation. We then had a lecture from our Maltese colleague Demis Cachia on OTs working with older adults and patients with dementia from the viewpoint of institutionalization and long-term care.

We concluded our yearly meeting with awards for professional achievements in the field of OT; we have awarded the title »Supervisor« to one of our colleagues and congratulated Dr. Tanja Križaj on her doctoral dissertation (photo 1).

The president of ZDTS Katarina Galof invited all attending the yearly meeting to actively contribute at the 9th Congress of OT in Slovenia, which is taking place on 25th and 26th October 2018 in Ljubljana.

We are very happy to announce that Slovenian Journal of Occupational Therapy saw the light of day again after almost 10 years.

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