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News from Italy, 2018

Dear colleagues this year is and will be a BIG year of changes. The most important changes are on:

  • public devices
  • professional registers

In Italy a lot of devices such as wheelchairs, orthosis, AAC communicators, shower chairs, hoists for transfer etc. are prescribed by the doctor after the OT evaluation and provided by the public health system. It means that the majority of the costs are covered by public funds (the State).

Until this year the codes to prescribe all the devices were referred to a text written in 1999. This text never changed in these years even if technologies are going fast. Finally, this year the public Health Ministry wrote a new document with new codes adding a lot of devices that in 1999 didn’t exist.

2018 is the year of another important milestone for our profession in Italy: a new register for all the healthcare professions has been made.
At this point, occupational therapists will be, for a numerical reason, in a register together with a lot of other health professions like PT, speech therapists, laboratory technicians, podiatrists, educators, acoustic aid technicians etc.

This will help us fight the illegal occupational therapy practice by different figures and practitioners. Actually, we are not totally sure of the exact evolution of our association after the setting of the register but…
Occupational therapists always face changes and react positively to them, and that’s what we are doing!

In mid-April we will be present at the Italian Health Exposition with some events, a booth and some workshops to promote the knowledge of our interesting and unique profession.

At this big exhibition we will display a photo contest that we organised for high school students on “disABILITY and the Occupational Therapist” to unknowledge pre-university students about OT and lead students to approach these themes and professions.

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