Executive Committee


Stephanie Saenger 2013-2019


I have been involved in COTEC since 2000 as delegate for the Netherlands and ENOTHE link person. I was Programme Area Coordinator of the Professional Practice, member of the Tuning Working Group, part of the COPORE project, one of the authors of the Guidelines for a Code of Ethics, member of the ENOTHE board and of the COTEC Executive.

My dream is that all occupational therapists in Europe are proud to be an occupational therapist and want to be an active member of the OT community.

I strive to make our profession Occupational Therapy recognised, visible, valued and accessible for all citizens in Europe. Cooperation with ENOTHE and other EU organisations are very important to reach these goals.

As president I hope to open doors for occupational therapy and to inspire occupational therapists to be engaged in challenging projects both nationally and European.

naomi hankinson
Naomi Hankinson 2017-2021


Vice President

My involvement with COTEC began when I was chair of council for the British Association of Occupational Therapists in 2009. I have always believed that we achieve more when we work in partnership and collaboration, and the strategic plan which COTEC has developed puts this at its centre.
Whilst my clinical work has always been in mental health and social inclusion I have worked at local, national and international levels, in operational and strategic roles, across the boundaries of health, social care and education.
A key focus for me is the support and development of staff – as when staff feel valued they provide better care and treatment for our service users.
I am looking forward to working with both the executive team and member organisations to make Occupational Therapy visible and valued across Europe.

Anu Söderström
Anu Söderström 2013-2019


VP Administration

I was the delegate of the Finnish Association of Occupational Therapists from 2000-2010, Programme Area Coordinator of the Organizational Issues 2004-2008, member of the COTEC Executive 2008-2012, and elected in my current position October 2013. My main responsibilities as VP Administration are: Communication between the Members and the Executive Committee; preparing COTEC Documents; preparing the General Assembly meetings; conducting the statutory business of COTEC; member of the Organising Committee of the 2nd COTEC-ENOTHE Joint Congress.

As a member of the Executive Committee I work with the aim to make the profession better known and valued in Europe. COTEC provides a good network for national OT Associations and provides many opportunities to be involved in European projects and events relevant for the profession. As VP Administration I would like to encourage our members and individual OT s to actively take the advantage of the information and opportunities provided.

Eva Denysiuk 2016-2020


VP Finance

I became first involved with COTEC during my studies for the MSc European Public Health in 2014. As an active member of my national association I contacted our delegate and thought with her about ways to contribute to European Occupational Therapy.

The first product of these thoughts was a short report in the COTEC newsletter about a Health Literacy Workshop I attended in Brussels. I have been in contact ever since and was happy to seize the opportunity as the post as VP Finance became vacant.

As VP Finance my role includes the monitoring and management of financial matters, e.g. transactions and budgets, of COTEC. Therefore I am in close contact and collaboration to project leaders, member associations’ delegates and the other members of the executive committee.

My vision for European Occupational Therapy is to be recognized by all stakeholders as a valued partner. Be it in the health systems of our member states, international research or the policy arena.

Elitsa Velikova
Elitsa Velikova 2015-2019



My involvement in COTEC began during the 3rd General Assembly, held in Riga, Latvia in October 2015. Joining the Executive Committee was a challenge because I belong to a country where occupational therapy has only 10 years of history, but this was and still is a great opportunity for me because I am very interested in furthering the occupational therapy not only in Bulgaria, but in Europe.

As a member of the Management Board of the Association of Bulgarian Occupational Therapists, I believe that the effect of a collection of people is greater than just one person. That is why, being part of the COTEC Executive Committee, I strive to work together in an international team in order to develop, harmonize and improve standards of professional practice and education, as well as advance the theory of occupational therapy throughout Europe.

I am very motivated to work hard for the development and the promotion of the occupational therapy profession and this post helps me to stay inspired.

Patric Duletzki 2015-2019



One of the mayor points of COTEC’s political program is to enable Occupational therapists to use their qualifications throughout Europe. After four years of working as an Occupational Therapist in Berlin and one year of working abroad as a health worker I finished my Bc. Sc. in OT in the Netherlands 2016. Currently I am working as a Teacher for occupational therapy in Hamburg (D).

I strive to improve the mobility of health work force within the European Union and hereby enhance the international exchange among occupational therapy practitioners. Since European countries are intricately interconnected, it becomes more and more significant to tackle public health issues on a transnational basis.