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COTEC was established in 1986 with the purpose of co-ordinating the views of the National Associations of Occupational Therapy in Europe. The aim of COTEC is to enable National Associations of Occupational Therapists to work together to develop, harmonise and improve standards of professional practice through a robust educational system, as well as advance the theory of Occupational Therapy throughout Europe to best address the social and health issues affecting the citizens of Europe.

COTEC is the European organization for all Occupational Therapists through their National Associations, with the purpose of ensuring an adequate number of high quality occupational therapy practitioners and services in Europe.

COTEC is a non-profit organisation, funded by annual membership subscription and represents 30 European Occupational Therapy Associations and more than 180,000 Occupational Therapists.

Since 2014 COTEC is registered in the European Transparency register, facilitating an open decision-making process in Europe.

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