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News from Denmark, 2019

Last year, one of the focus areas in the Danish Association of Occupational Therapists was the preparation of the following competence profiles and political recommendations.

Competence Profiles

Competence profiles in the different areas of Occupational Therapy describe the Occupational Therapy practice as well as the skills needed to achieve high quality. The recommendations aim at ensuring transparency in relation to tasks and competencies in the different areas. At the same time the recommendations are intended as inspiration to the education institutes. As of now we have made recommendations for Occupational Therapy in four areas:

  • Dysphagia and activity problems with swallowing-eating-drinking
  • Recommendations for occupational therapists in the palliative effort
  • Competence profiles for occupational therapists working with technical aids
  • Competence descriptions for occupational therapists in neurorehabilitation

Political recommendations

In order to maintain and strengthen the occupational therapist position in a number of special areas, we plan to make a series of political recommendations. The recommendations are aimed at both politicians and leaders and as a tool for strengthening the individual occupational therapist in her or his own practice. So far, we have made political recommendations in three areas:

  • 10 recommendations on the dementia area
  • 10 recommendations for technical aids
  • 9 recommendation on the social

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