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News from Cyprus, 2016

The Cyprus Association of Occupational Therapists is very pleased to announce the development of the first Occupational Therapy Educational Program in Cyprus. The Program was developed by the European University of Cyprus, which is a private University in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The Program is held in the Greek Language and the degree offered is a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. The duration of the Program is 4 years. The Cyprus Association of Occupational Therapists is currently in close collaboration with the European University of Cyprus to assist in obtaining recognition of the Program by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists. The application for approval will soon be submitted.

The Cyprus Registration Board of Occupational Therapists which is the responsible body for the accreditation and renewal of the registration and working license of Occupational Therapists in Cyprus has in 2015 submitted a proposal to the Cyprus Parliament with changes in the Law that regulates Occupational Therapy in Cyprus. The aim is to update and develop the regulations further and harmonise the Law with European Guidelines. The proposal among others consists of more specific registration requirements regarding the registration of Occupational Therapists, as well as Occupational Therapy Centers/Clinics. Another important part of the proposal is for the development of a Professional Development Unit System (PDU system), where Occupational Therapists both in the public and private sectors will need to acquire a certain amount of PDUs in order to renew their license. The proposal is to be voted.

In an effort to increase public awareness regarding Occupational Therapy in Cyprus, the Association has recently implemented a variety of activities. Some of those were holding informative desks in public places, sharing informative leaflets among the public, creating an audio spot about Occupational Therapy which aired by several local radio stations on the World Occupational Therapy Day and creating a video spot which was uploaded on the Association’s Facebook page and on YouTube under the name Παγκόσμια Μέρα Εργοθεραπείας-Παγκύπριος Σύλλογος Εργοθεραπευτών. The link to the video is

In another effort to increase the Association’s and the Profession’s visibility to the public, The Cyprus Association of Occupational Therapists has recently created a page on Facebook. The page is in the Greek Language and you can find it under the name Παγκύπριος Σύλλογος Εργοθεραπευτών. The link to the page isΠαγκύπριος-Σύλλογος-Εργοθεραπευτών-876590452423439/. The Association’ s website is currently under construction and the renewed website will soon be open to the public. The goal is to have the renewed website in both the Greek and the English Languages.

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