Category: General ENOTHE Annual Meeting

ENOTHE Annual Meeting

26th October 2017 28th October 2017


Theme Area 1: Global Health Trends

Sustainable development goals, (WFOT) Health 2020, 2030, Human Rights,
European Theme: fight violence against women, Health for all, Opportunities and challenges for OT, Strategic and political reasoning in OT.

Theme Area 2: Education and Training

Teaching 21st century skills for today and the future, Teach the teacher, Internationalisation of the curriculum, Inter-professional teaching, Bridging the gap between practice and education.

Theme Area 3: Innovation and future Occupational Therapy Practice

Developing competences and learning outcomes, Roles of OT to expand in current and emerging areas, Working with communities and populations (i.e. refuges, ageing populations, young caregivers and urbanised populations), Using technology (i.e. tele-health and digital recordings.

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