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Health and social care management in European countries can be targeted and positively influenced by the involvement of occupational therapists in specific areas, for instance, in relation to active ageing; community – based rehabilitation; the impact of child disability on the child and family; vocational rehabilitation; the treatment of mental health issues, and so on.

For a profession like occupational therapy to be visible and valued for the role that it can play, it is necessary that this role is made clear, to the wider public, – to other professionals, stakeholders and policy makers, in order for informed decisions to be made, and valuable resources most effectively used.

The following documents have been prepared to raise awareness amongst politicians and decision- makers in the EU and in European countries,  of the recognized value of occupational therapy within health and social systems.

Occupational Therapy Perspective on integrated care

Occupational Therapy perspective on Integrated Care


Patient Empowerment 

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EPF Leaflet
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Poverty and Social Exclusion 

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OT Contribution to Active Ageing

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