Slovenia National OT News

News from Slovenia, May 2012

This year’s activities of the Slovenian Association of Occupational Therapists are in this year focused on the promotion of occupational therapy and organisation of the 6th Congress.

Our promotion activities are connected to Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service. The majority of activities was organised on the 24th of February 2012 under the title”Pay it forward”. They were very successful in reaching many people and media. You can find an English version of the presentation on the following link:
Slovenian activities have also been mentioned in dr. Karen Jacobs, ‘Slagle lecture’ on the of April in Indianapolis, USA:
An interview with dr. Karen Jacobs was also published in one of the most read Slovenian weekly magazines.

The 2012 biannual congress will be organised close to the World OT day, from 25th till 27th October. The theme of the congress is:“Let’s add the youth to the years”

Other relevant opportunities for continuing professional development through seminars and coursed include:
– Workshops on some MOHO instruments (WRI, WEIS,VQ)
– Occupational therapy with a neurological client
– Assessment through structured activity
– Early OT with children
– Movement, Information, Awareness

Newsletter from Slovenia, Spring 2011

Recent activities of the Slovenian Association of Occupational Therapists (SAOT) focused on the organisation of the 5th Congress in September 2010. The theme of the congress was “Occupational therapy in the community”. It was chosen with the aim of raising awareness about the fact that the current organisation of health care and social services does not support or enable client to get occupational therapy services in their community. This is also why the SAOT invited Ruth Crowder, COT Policy Officer Wales to open the congress with the keynote lecture on the “Influence for occupation: the voice of occupational therapy in policy making”. Her experience and knowledge encouraged a very dynamic discussion.

Also other sessions of the congress covered relevant topics such as the Visibility of occupational therapy and presentation of the “Slovenian integrated occupational therapy model”.

In December 2010 the SAOT organised the traditional “New year seminar”. Its topic was “Evidence – based occupational therapy”. The meeting was opened by the lecture of an invited speaker, who presented the principles and methods of evidence-based approach to interventions in rehabilitation. The discussion opened many issues that point out the need for a coordinated approach to supporting and encouraging practicing occupational therapist to base and argument their work using existing research and other evidence.

For 2011 SAOT is putting special emphasis in providing its member with opportunities for their continuous professional development by organising seminars and courses. Some of most relevant include:        
– Occupational therapy with a neurological client (January)
– Assessment of awareness of disability (February)
– Validation – an innovative approach to elderly
– (Constraint induced movement therapy)
– Early OT with children