Iceland National OT News

News from Iceland, September 2011

This year, 2011, the Icelandic Occupational Therapy Association is celebrating the 35th anniversary and also this year 10 years have passed since the first Occupational Therapists (OT) students graduated from The University of Akureyri.

Starting the education here in Iceland marked a milestone in the history of the profession and the numbers of OT´s graduated have doubled since then and will increase rapidly in the coming years. The Occupational Therapists have really marked them self as a profession in the society and have with inventiveness, spine and knowledge created attractive therapeutic solutions and built up powerful job opportunities OT´s.

The association had a pin made to mark the day, besides that the association published a brochure to introduce the profession for students and others who would like to learn about the profession.

This year we also published the first Icelandic book on Occupational Therapy. This is a great asset for OT´s and the society. Publishing the book is another milestone in the development of the OT profession and shows that the Icelandic Occupational Therapists are skilful and professional. Behind this task is enormous work and efficiency which reflects the ambition to publish a thorough and informative book that describes the position the Icelandic Occupational Therapists are in today.