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Lotte Lagoni vice president of the Danish OT association elected in July 2016

Vice President’s Statement

I am running for Vice President because I believe our profession can do something special. I will work to improve how occupational therapy is respected and recognised in society and disseminate knowledge of our profession.

We are the Danish Association of Occupational Therapists. We have a community that we have to develop. I believe in our profession because occupational therapy is the answer to many of the challenges ordinary people experience in their everyday lives.

Among other things, I want us to help our members so that they are equipped to take jobs in new fields/areas of the labour market. I aspire to prepare us better to take on new/innovative jobs and develop within them. As demanding an ambition as this may be, I believe that we as a trade union must seek to maintain and heighten our influence on the labour market.

Short summary of professional milestones

I have 20 years of occupational therapy experience. My career background includes working as a training occupational therapist and a professional coordinator. In my last position, I worked as a municipal manager. I also have political flair. I have held several seats on the board of the association and municipal committees.




Tina Nør Langager president of the Danish OT association elected in December 2015

President’s Statement

When it comes to ensuring people a dignified everyday life, we are the strongest profession there is. Our profession helps children, young people, adults and the elderly to manage on their own. Our profession makes people more self-sufficient and equips them to cope with everyday life. We are therefore a very important profession in the Danish healthcare system. Not only do we improve people’s quality of life – we also help society to save money.

In short: My overall goal is to improve everyday life for you as a member and for all the people we help in Denmark every single day. We must uphold our reputation as a healthcare organisation with a strong socially responsible profile.

Short summary of professional milestones

I have 20 years’ experience within occupational therapy. I have worked with rehabilitation and provision of aids in hospital and municipal contexts. For the past eight years, I have been employed at the Danish Association of Occupational Therapists working with our profession, salaries and conditions as well as our education and management training.

For more information visit the website of the Danish OT association:

COTEC wishes Tina Nør Langager success in this new and exciting position.